China’s #1 Threat: Will Commies Kill Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite Network?

China’s military leaders see their #1 threat in Elon Musk’s network of Starlink satellites, which provides wireless broadband service to a growing number of customers around the world. It’s not just the freedom of information Starlink may provide to the kept masses of the Chinese Communist party, but the potential Pentagon use of the satellites […]

Slip-Slidin’ Away: The Progressive Left Now Gets Thrashed on Every Issue, Everywhere

In a verbal barrage that chronicles the failure of the Progressive Left, Bill Whittle illustrates how they now lose on every issue, everywhere, all the time. Meanwhile, real America rises. Bill Whittle creates Moving Back to America thanks to our Members, who fund this enterprise through their financial contributions. You can join this band of […]

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