Media Melts Down Over Musk Buying Twitter, His Response Is Priceless

Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about his Ron DeSantis live interview announcement, the Elon Musk Twitter takeover, Bill Maher defending the Babylon Bee, Joe Biden’s new “Ministry of Truth”, the end of the TSA mask mandate, and Ron DeSantis providing the blueprint for defeating woke culture. First, Dave discusses Elon Musk buying Twitter and the media meltdown that has ensued. Elon isn’t backing off, Tweeting some blistering attacks on woke culture. Bill Maher seems to be quite supportive of Elon Musk buying Twitter as he launched an attack on Twitter for their handling of the Hunter Biden investigation involving his laptop and the Twitter suspension of the Babylon Bee. Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to defend Biden’s new Disinformation Governance Board which is eerily similar to the “Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s 1984. Barack Obama is claiming that social media’s content moderation doesn’t go far enough while Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorka desperately tried to convince CNN’s Dana Bash that Nina Jankowicz has no bias that will affect her leading this agency. Meanwhile, Brian Stelter and Elizabeth Warren are all attacking Musk’s plan to use Twitter to support free speech. Tucker Carlson also took time to respond to yet another hit piece from the New York Times and prove what really motivates their baseless attacks on him. Finally, more proof that the offensive tactics used by Ron DeSantis and Florida surgeon general Joseph Ladapo to attack Disney, and the federal mask mandate are working.

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