Ex-TV Anchor: Exposing Media Lies & the Reality of the Border

Kari Lake | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake about what she learned working in liberal media for 22 years, how truly disastrous the Biden immigration policy has been at inflaming the border crisis, and how school choice could improve public schools at the same time destroying the power of teacher’s unions. First, Kari discusses her time working in the mainstream media. She exposes how the media goes out of its way to protect its sponsors from any real criticism. She gives a horrific example of news media bias covering teen depression and mental health issues that were then put alongside Big Pharma ads for depression medication. Next, Kari explains how bad the Biden border crisis has gotten and how it affects all the states in the country. She describes how Arizona’s border was quite secure and safe under President Trump, and how the Biden border policy has reversed all those gains. As more illegal immigrants flood over the border, crime and violence increase creating horrific conditions that the media simply ignores. Kari explains how we are beginning to see the battle between red states vs. blue states and why the red states are winning. Finally, Kari discusses what made Trump rallies such positive and patriotic events. She also explains how her education plan would give Arizonans school choice and how parental choice can break the government monopoly on education by forcing schools to compete for students. She also explains the importance of rethinking education especially when it comes to creating more educational options for high paying trade careers and supporting homeschooling.

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