35 Minutes of Erroll Garner Live in 1964

Ein wahres Jazz-Genie. Man sagt, er hätte keine Noten lesen können. Hat ihm offenbar nicht geschadet.

Morpheus on… Erroll Garner

Erroll Garner was the greatest post-war jazz piano player – bar NONE.

This was the result of him having TWO extremely rare gifts. One – he was a genius. And two – he was an ambidexter. Let us examine these statements.

The term genius has been seriously devalued of late. Einstein was a genius. As were Isaac Newton and Leonardo DiCaprio. Sorry – Da Vinci.

Most people think of Einstein as the guy responsible for inventing the Atom Bomb – but no. He developed the theories that enabled others to do so. The damn thing would have evolved quite happily without him.

Most people think of Isaac as the bloke who sat under an apple tree and an apple fell on his head, as a result of which he discovered concussion – but no. The man virtually INVENTED PHYSICS.

And most people think of Leonardo as the artist who painted a smug woman against a wonky backdrop – and a dinner attended by Jesus, his Lady and some of his mates – but no. He also invented the helicopter.

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